Milk Teeth make a break for the big time!

Milk Teeth just dropped their HUGE new single Owning Your Okayness on The Radio One Rock Show last night, the reaction was massive and it looks like Milk Teeth are on the verge of something big. The song itself sounds like summer, wrapped up in a 90s Grunge filter, with flavours of Alanis Morissette. You can check out the song on the BBC iPlayer or on Spotify. Milk Teeth could very well be the next big thing in rock music…

Check out the Video Here:

Their new EP “Be Nice” is out July 28th!






Every Time I Die – the best band in the world? Discuss.

Since 2001, Every Time I Die have released 8 studio albums, crushed audiences the world over, and all the while, retained their unique sense of humour. To be 16 years into a career and release possibly your greatest album is an amazing achievement. Can we just stop all the arguments and crown this band the Greatest Band in the World? Leave a comment below!

Check out their new video for “Map Change”